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Introduction and operation manual to my page


First of all some information how you can handle my page.

What you can see in blue colour (but I am not sad at all) that is my name Andi Felicity and my motto:

"Sometimes the picture cheats you."

I think this is not the perfect translation, but if I will have a better version (or somebody has), I will change this.

What you need from the Hungarian menu is only the "Képgaléria" because this means Picture gallery. So here you can see a lot of pictures about me. In some of my pic gallery you can take message, comment and so on like you see the procedure below and feel free to do it so. The galleries are:

"andika kirándul" ⇒ Andika take an excursion

"bécsi huncutságok ⇒ pranks in Wien

"Capellában, de nem fellépőként" ⇒ In the night club Capella but not as an actress

"fotózás" ⇒ professional photos

"gondolkodom" ⇒ I am thinking # but not sinking

"hogy mindenkinek jusson" ⇒ just for everybody can have it

"kékben" ⇒ in blue but not sad

"kézcsókhoz" ⇒ for to kiss my hands

"még titok" ⇒ it has been secret at the moment

"művész, vagy művészi?" ⇒ an artist or just artistic

"ősz" ⇒ autumn

"régebbi képek" ⇒ pics before

Another interesting place: "Videók - Livnek köszönhetően" here you can see two video from my pics thanks to Liv.

Now let me introduce myself a little bit. I hope that will be a higher interest from abroad than hungarian. I think the capability, ability and maybe the possibilities are different. This statement based on my experiences but I will change my mind if there will be opposite impressions about.

An insertion: You can place your comments or questions at any time under the "Hozzászólások" subtitle because this means comments. You will need your nick or name ("név"), you can give the title of a comment ("cím") and write your thoughts, questions or whatever under the "szöveg" what means text.



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